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* Kernel prepared for Multiboot
* CryptSymbols can be displayed as images now (for example look inside the xkin.xml)
* The Jukebox can handle Audio-CDs now (for DM800 and DM7025 you have to install further 2 LIBS). Please load the driver for CDFS (BP->Settings->Kernel-Modules)
* The Jukebox can show 3 covers at the same time now, which are cached too (settings in the Jukebox menu)
* We saved about 20 screens at the skins (Info at BPskin.py)
* Small InfoScreen in Menu->Info->Gemini-Config about the settings Gemini saves and manages. The config file can be saved immediately (ie for Backup)
* TPMD (TPM-Daemon by DMM) can be deactevated by BP->Daemons
* USB devices will be mounted by their names now
* NTFS-Filesystem (Windows) can be mounted as Read-Write (This has to be installed from BP->Settings->Extensions->GeminiServer->Plugins
* Fan- and Temperaturesensors added to the Hardwareoverview (Menu-Info-Hardware)

Fixes + Updates:
* Jukebox, Dreamnetcast
* Skin
* Network Information (Menu->Info->Hardware)
* see CVS

* Just use skins, which are adaptet for this Version, otherwise Enigma won't boot anymore!
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